We live in a culture of information overload. Our students and teachers are bombarded with media images and messages in multiple forms so it is essential for them understand the sub-text to avoid possible pitfalls.

International Children's Film Festival Karachi

The KICFF has presented thoughtful, provocative and intelligent films from around the world for young minds for almost a decade .

Established in 2011, the KICFF is a sister concern of the Lahore International Film Festival and is run in collaboration with the Lahore-based NGO, The Little Art.

The TRC Film Club

TRC organises workshops for teachers, arranges interactive sessions for students and designs long-term, film-based education programmes for your schools so that you can deconstruct these messages effectively.

We run a Film Club that critically examines quality feature films to encourage the cultural and aesthetic development of students, and start a conversation about the pressing problems that plague us.

Learn more  about TRC’s pioneering work in promoting media literacy in the country.

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