The Pehla Taleemi Basta (PTB) is an educational resource kit for young learners, developed by TRC. The PTB, designed after extensive research and usability testing, has proven to be an effective resource, which makes it possible for teachers to make the shift from teacher directed instruction to active learning.

The set of activities and materials in the PTB engage the children in tasks that lead to the development of social, cognitive, language and motor skills. The PTB provides a certain amount of freedom for the children where they can think, plan and review their own actions and also talk about the process with the teacher. As a result, children’s levels of self-confidence rise significantly along with the desire to learn and actively apply concepts and skills.

The use of the PTB has resulted in an amazing transformation in children across Pakistan in both public and private schools in rural and urban settings in terms of their skills, concepts, confidence and creativity.

The kit also provides a teacher’s guide, which contains useful suggestions for the teachers on using the material in an effective manner to promote initial literacy, numeracy and science concepts and skills.

List of Materials in the PTB

S. No. Title Qty.
Language & Literacy
1 Urdu: Letters of the Alphabet 37 flash cards
2 English: Letters of the Alphabet 26 flash cards
3 English and Urdu Word Cards 10 + 10 flash cards
4 Story sequencing Cards 4 sets: 2 English & 2 Urdu
5 Nomenclature Cards: Transport 10 flash cards
6 Nomenclature Cards: Home Appliances 10 flash cards
7 Punched cards and laces for the development of pincer grip/pencil hold 15 cards
8 Picture Puzzles 5 jigsaw puzzles
9 Number cards: 1 – 10 10 flash cards
10 Buttons for Counting & Number Value 75 (3 colours)
11 Beads for Counting & Number Value 75 (3 colours)
12 Number cards with laces: 1 – 10 20
13 Shape cards 6 sets

14 Nomenclature Cards: Vegetables 10 flash cards
15 Nomenclature Cards: Fruits 10 flash cards
16 Nomenclature Cards: Animals (including extinct and endangered species) 36 flash cards
17 Magnifying glass 1
18 Magnet 1
19 Primary & Secondary Colours 15 Cellophane cards (3 colours)
20 Shades/Hues of Blue 5 varying blue cards
21 Colour cards 10 cards
22 Detailed activity cards 30 laminated sheets (10 each for Language & Literacy, Numeracy and Science)
23 Instructions Booklet 1 booklet