Welcome to The TRC Digital Academy (TDA): a place where online learning can transform your professional practice, perspectives and your vision for self-development. Through TDA’s series of webinars, training sessions and other learning opportunities, we hope to open up a versatile learning platform for you to help you reimagine education, teachers’ professional development, self-awareness and school leadership, especially in these trying times.

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TRC aspires to keep connected to the education community and continue to provide a range of diverse learning opportunities for school leaders, teachers, students, parents and anyone who is interested to learn and grow.

The Digital Academy will help us reach you wherever you are in Pakistan and beyond with our signature teaching-learning programs. Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues. Sign up today for our flexible and personalized webinars that will let you learn at your own pace, build your confidence and help you thrive. Keep following the TRC FB Page to find out more about the TRC Digital Academy’s customised offers to keep the learning process relevant and interactive.