Through donor support, we enable quality uplift in education for teachers and children of underprivileged schools across Pakistan.

A great deal of TRC’s work goes beyond the scope of our membership in the form of short and long-term projects supported by local and international donors. Short-term projects involve one-off teacher training workshops, research or the development of publications. Long-term projects address the professional development and capacity building of specific groups; the goal being student learning and school improvement. Through donor projects, TRC has the opportunity to introduce innovative approaches to under-resourced environments and help bridge the gap between public and private schools.

TRC began working intensively in government schools as far back as 1992. At that time, we were a pioneer in the field, fighting against the common belief that nothing could be done for the unfortunate state of government schools. We set out with a commitment to young children and their teachers, and our belief that given enabling environments, change was possible. We took a whole-school approach, proving that, even with limited resources, the mind-set of an entire school could be shifted in a positive, sustainable direction.

Thanks to the patronage of our donors, we are able to take our work where it deserves to be implemented the most: in underprivileged schools and communities across the country. The projects help us reach out to teachers, head teachers, children, community members as well as local authorities for professional development, improving learning environments and mobilising local support for children’s education as an organic, communal process.


The Thinking Classroom Project

A National Initiative

To address the pertinent issue of educational relevance and quality which are directly linked to access and equity resulting in dismal education outcomes, TRC has been partnering with OSF for the last six years (January 2014 to date) to promote, integrate and advocate for critical thinking skills in classrooms from primary to ECE levels through material development, capacity building of government institutions, research and galvanizing support from the public sector stakeholders.

EMO Schools Project

Government of Sindh

The Education Management Organization (EMO) Project is an important part of the Government of Sindh’s strategy for strengthening Sindh’s education sector and improving the literacy rate. In 2013, the Government of Sindh passed the Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act in compliance with Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan. The legislation has placed a renewed obligation on the Government of Sindh, including the Education Department, to take steps to address the gaps and undertake measures to uplift education.

For complete information about our past projects since 1986 please refer to the TRC archives and search “Projects” under the different decades.