The Subject based Learning Kit for primary is a unique, interactive, contextually relevant and child centered resource developed by the Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC), a pioneering teacher education institution in Pakistan which has to it’s credit Pakistan’s first National Curriculum on Early Childhood Education.

Over the last 34 years, TRC has developed a range of learning material to supplement the teaching-learning process in underprivileged schools where there are daunting education service delivery gaps. In line with the National Curriculum of ECE, TRC has developed and continues to produce a variety of diverse learning resources to be effectively utilized by teachers across urban and rural schools and communities for uplifting the standards of education and making learning a hands on, child friendly and contextually meaningful process. The focus is on creating positive learning experiences through cultivating children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language skills in the foundational early years. Pehla Taleemi Basta is a curriculum based pre primary and primary kit which is TRC’s flagship learning resource. It has been widely used across Pakistan in diverse school settings and proven highly successful for promoting active learning in classrooms.

The Subject based Learning Kit being developed for Islamkot schools is a resource bag for children of grades 3, 4 and 5. It contains customized interactive learning material based on textbooks currently being taught in the schools and supplements 4 key subjects: English, Math, Science and Social Studies. It contains child friendly materials, like activity cards, board games, stories and other visual aids, which the students can use themselves in classrooms and at home.

The Kit will be in the form of a cloth bag with different sized pockets – each pocket will contain subject based thematic material and the board games will be zipped inside a back pocket. The bag will fold and unfold easily and will be fastened with a velcro strip for the ease of children’s use and making it easy to carry to school and back home.