About Us

The Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC) is the first of its kind, non-profit organisation in Pakistan that empowers teachers by investing in their professional development.

Established in 1986 in response to the declining standards of education across the country, TRC is thriving today because of the generosity of its donors and funding agencies who believe that our children are our future and that the best learning environment we can provide them is one that has well-trained, committed teachers.

TRC has been actively working for the last 36 years to train and empower teachers from both the public as well as private sector; it is an acknowledged leader in the fields of teacher training and Early Childhood Education (ECE).

We believe that every teacher can have a transformative effect on her students if she is committed to continuous professional development and realises the vitality of her role in children’s lives. TRC educates teachers on the importance of student interaction and parental engagement, layout of classrooms and the use of relevant resources to support teaching.

Additionally, we design and develop easy-to-use teaching and learning materials that are readily available, provide tailor-made solutions for learning problems and extend technical support to government as well as private schools.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to pursue excellence in education and in professional practices. TRC will uphold high standards of academic and professional rigour in its programmes and projects. Our core values integrity, open and honest communication, confidentiality of private information, respect for all, eco-friendly practices, fairness and social justice will guide all our work.

To this end, TRC:

  • conducts workshops for a wide range of schools, to develop teachers’ content knowledge, pedagogical skills and attitudes
  • conducts in and out-station school-based courses for teachers and school managers
  • conducts certificate courses in ECE and primary
  • creates opportunities for innovative programmes to meet the learning needs of diverse learners
  • undertakes school evaluations to assess quality and provide recommendations for school improvement
  • provides consultancy, conducts research studies and related services to support and develop the quality of educational systems and related areas of policy and practice

Core Values

Our enduring qualities and shared convictions that we bring to teachers’ professional development and early learning are a fundamental strength of our work. We believe that the Centre should be held to a set of principles that ensure:

The Child
TRC’s focus is improving children’s learning experiences in the school environment. We are committed to this concept in its totality.

To stretch towards challenge and accept challenge as part of our daily working life.

To be open and honest in our communication, and to share whatever information we have which can be of benefit to each other, and the organisation.

To maintain confidentiality of information, in relation to organisations and individuals that we work with on behalf of TRC.

Creativity and Innovation
To be innovative in our approach, in order to create new ideas which will enhance the child’s learning experience.

To use resources in a sustainable manner, and actively encourage re-cycling. TRC is committed to the environment and it’s preservation.

Equal Opportunities
To positively encourage equality of opportunity in both employment and provision of services.

To be ethical and maintain integrity in all our work and relationships.

To be flexible in meeting challenges in a changing environment, in organizational roles and directions.

To ensure that at all times we are courteous and respect others, be they within or outside the organization and regardless of their socio-economic position in society, their gender, regional or religious affiliations.

To work in collaboration with colleagues, on the basis that through the contribution of diverse individuals, teams can achieve what an individual cannot. To view our work with schools and their staff as a partnership – partners in the child’s educational development

To have a broad vision which encompasses not only our own organizational goals, but the goals of the community in which we are working.

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