Early Childhood Education and Development Programme (ECEDP)

Our year-long Early Childhood Education and Development Programme (ECEDP), equips teachers with an understanding of the educational, cognitive and emotional development of children. It empowers teachers who are ready to take on leadership roles in schools and childcare settings.

An ECED qualification can open several windows of opportunities for you. With the acquired skillset and expertise, you could find yourself conducting teacher trainings, ECE-related research or even enable you to become an entrepreneur.

Primary School Education Certification

Especially designed for novice in-service teachers, the Primary Education course, takes the teachers through a journey of gaining insights, skills and tools to help them bring creativity, innovation and child centered strategies to the classrooms.

Language Masterclass

The English Language course is designed to provide support to those who want to improve their current proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Carefully interwoven with technical aspects of language enrichment, the course is contextually relevant and helps teachers gain confidence for better communication within classrooms and beyond.

Teachers as Reflective Practitioners

Teachers play multiple roles in classrooms. The quality of their interactions influence students and the learning outcomes. The course is based on the idea that reflective practice is what differentiates a great teacher from an average and lays the foundation for excellence in education.