MG Classroom Teaching kit

The learning kit is designed and developed for the Multi-grade teachers. The learning kit has the material for the core subjects including; English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This learning kit is a supportive collection of material for the comprehensive teacher guidebook for Multi-grade teachers. The guidebook walks teachers through all the core aspects of multi-grade classrooms. It also articulates teachers on modern pedagogies such as cooperative learning, activity based learning, and higher order thinking skills. The guidebook also has a repository of more than 25 student centred lesson plans, activities, and strategies that allow teachers to use modern teaching methodologies in the primary level classrooms.

The learning kit material is based upon the integrated approach of using different skills to teach a particular subject to Multi-grade classrooms. The learning kit material is inserted with well-articulated instructions for the teacher to read and understand the steps of each activity and further instruct the children. Most of the activities are bilingual and have designed in a way that the material could be used to do each activity in Urdu and in English. The language segment in the learning kit is focused on improving children’s vocabulary and some of the relatively difficult parts of speech. All language material is in the form of A4 size board games, play-cards, and/or the picture/word cards. Mathematics material is based on developing basic computational skills and concepts. Mathematics material includes; colourful beads, buttons, inch-tape, shape cards, number tags, shoe laces, and pattern cards. The Science and Social Studies material focus on providing basic social and environmental information. The material includes; puzzles, information play-cards on uses of water, environment, animals, birds, and historical structures. The learning kit material is enclosed in a sturdy cloth bag for teachers to carry it along easily.