In addition to screening documentaries, schools frequently show feature films to students. These are generally either screen versions of books in their courses, or deal with historical events or characters that are part of some subject being taught. Films, however, can offer much greater value and be used to underscore numerous essential aspects of life that also lie at the core of education, from Character Development, Relationships and Self-Esteem, to Civic Sense, Compassion, and more.

The TRC Film Club will explore the use of well-made feature films to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Sessions, averaging two-and-a-half hours, depending upon the length of the film, will include interactive discussions managed by various facilitators, who are knowledgeable about films and have a keen interest in Media (old and new). The facilitators will use their skill to help draw out elements from the film that cover a host of social, moral, ethical, and societal issues which will be of great importance to teachers and students.

Films and other video offerings will be carefully selected for their merit, relevance and content, and will be followed by discussions. Selections from views and ideas expressed by groups or individuals will be shared via this forum, so that teachers may continue to exchange ideas and experiences and even offer lesson-plans around the films.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registrations via phone or email are treated as Confirmed and, as a result, seats are Reserved for the participants. An Invoice is generated on the basis of this registration and the school is liable for its settlement, whether or not the participants turn up. While schools may switch participants and send substitutes, any Cancellations must be intimated to the TRC at least 72 hours before the sessions so that others on the wait-list can be informed.

News and Views related to the Film Club can be found in the Quarterly News Bulletin in the TRC News Section. This space is reserved for Film Club Announcements only.