Ilm o Amal

Amongst the myriad issues affecting education in Pakistan, there is a glaring lack of debate on educational issues. Committed to the improvement of school education in Pakistan, we decided to change this situation by producing Ilm o Amal. The Urdu words ‘Ilm o Amal’ reflect our belief in moving from Knowledge to Action.

Ilm o Amal was previously a bi-annual, print based publication. You can download these here. In August 2009, we decided to make Ilm o Amal more accessible and interactive. It is now freely available on our website and fresh content is added every month. Do bookmark the TRC website, come back often, share your thoughts and contribute to the discussion. We look forward to engaging with you. Suggestions and contributions are more than welcome.

How to Prepare Our Children for a World We Cannot Predict

Children today are studying a curriculum which may not be futureproof. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff takes a look at the very different lives children in the future will be living, with increased likelihood of career changes and a variety of life paths. (more…)

Growing Your Teaching Career by Asking The Right Questions

Asking yourself and your head and colleagues the right question, is the first step in trying to grow your teaching career. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff looks at what questions to ask to begin your process of growth. (more…)

How to Get Back Into Your Teaching Routine after a Long Break

Summer holidays offer teachers the chance to recuperate. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff looks at how teachers can get back into their teaching routine with ease, after much needed R&R. (more…)

A Positive Learning Environment

As educators, we need to ensure that learners are able to work in an environment that facilitates their learning. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff looks at how we, as teachers can create the conditions for success in a positive learning environment. (more…)

ECED in Finland: Setting the Ground for Future Academic Success

Early Childhood Education in Finland is marked by a striking absence of academic pressure. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff examines how an early emphasis on free play and play-based learning sets the ground for exemplary academic success in the future. (more…)

Reflecting on Your Year

The end of the academic year is close and it is time for teachers to reflect and start anew. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff takes a look at various ways teachers can take stock of the year that has gone by and start looking ahead. (more…)

Strategies to Help Your Students Write

Do you struggle with getting your students to write? Do you feel you need advice on improving your own writing as a teacher? In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff shares a few strategies that can help your students (and you) overcome ‘writer’s block’ and let the words flow. (more…)

Responding to Trauma in Students: How Educators Can Help

At some point in your professional career it is almost inevitable that a teacher will have to work with a child or children who have been traumatised. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff delves in the kind of traumas that children may have to deal with, and how you as a teacher can provide the necessary support. (more…)

When Math Anxiety Strikes

Do your students have a fear or math? Are you stressed out by math? In this month’s Ilm o Amal, Shahrezad Samiuddin looks at the factors that can trigger math anxiety and what teachers and parents can do to prevent it. (more…)

Will You Make a Great School Leader?

Great school heads adapt to the environment and empower their teachers, staff and students to succeed. In this month’s Ilm o Amal, TRC staff outlines the traits of an exceptional school head. (more…)