Our powerhouse director, Ambreena Ahmed, reminsces about our trip to Old Primary School in Matiari, Sindh, last month in collaboration with Indigo Textile Pvt Ltd and explains how initiatives like these can be transformative in rural schools where deprivation is high and resources can be hard to come by.

Platforms such as the one provided by Indigo Textile can exponentially expand the scale of our efforts and lead to self-sufficient, empowered communities. #indigotextile #literacyday2022 #education #TRC #unsdgs #qualityeducationforall #sindh #collaboration #educationsector #responsiblebusiness #CSR #denim #pakistan

Our future lies in the hands of dynamic and visionary teachers. A dire focus on the educational sector can broaden the mindsets of the masses and ignite virtuous leaders within us.

To flourish socially and economically, it is significant to establish a concrete educational sector without any discrimination within class, caste, colour and creed for the rise to an inclusive and diverse environment.

Indigo textile has a profound emphasis on improving the educational conditions within deprived and destitute sectors of Pakistan. To stand forth, we collaborated with Teacher’s resource centre to establish this activity-based- curriculum at Hala Old primary school with a dignified and unique vision of preaching education by guiding and training teachers.

The exuberant experience with the children at Hala Old school made us realize the importance of education in these areas with a strong focus on the UNSDGs 4, 5, 10, 17; quality education, gender equality, reduced inequality and partnership for the goals.

we empower all for a brilliant future.

#indigotextile #literacyday2022 #education #TRC #unsdgs #qualityeducationforall #sindh #collaboration #educationsector #responsiblebusiness #CSR #denim #pakistan