Stories are an essential part of the learning experience. While traditional storytelling methodologies for learning are timeless; the pandemic has pushed us into a hybrid learning environment where digital domain for learning is the new norm. This workshop will engage the attendees to utilise animated books and stories from lambkinz as an interactive learning medium and tool. The participants will explore storytelling through a new angle of animation and will be able to devise a plan to implement digital storytelling in hybrid (physical + digital) classrooms.

When: 21 July 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Venue: TRC

Charges: Rs 500/-

Workshop Leader: Ms. Huma Yaqoob has been working with lambkinz as the PR and Outreach Officer. She has been working with different Youth Development platforms, from Leading Students Council to working with various startups. She was associated with renowned schooling system as a primary coordinator. Ms. Huma Yaqoob holds a BS. AV Degree from PAF KIET and is currently enrolled in MBA program at CBM. Before joining lambkinz.

Who Should Attend: Coordinators, Teachers and Mothers of 3 to 8 Year Old’s

Medium of Instruction: English/Urdu

Last Date of Registration and Payment: 19 July 2022

For registration: Call us on 021-35394059 & 021-35392976 or write to us on [email protected] & [email protected]