STEM helps teachers introduce young learners to the basics of various science and mathematics concepts the way they are exposed to them in real life. Moreover, the integration of curriculum concepts makes them more relatable for the children and stimulates critical thinking skills to foster readiness for deeper learning of such concepts in later years. In fact, it is a way of channelising the natural curiosity of children by making them observe, investigate, explore, interpret, conclude and create while they undertake STEM tasks. This workshop aims to equip teachers with such strategies and activities that can ensure STEM mode of learning in their classrooms. 

When: 24 February 2023 (Friday)

Time: 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Venue: TRC

Charges: Rs. 650 /-


  • explore the significance of incorporating STEM in teaching
  • identify how STEM supports the interest and individual differences of children
  • design STEM tasks as per the age and interest of their learners

Workshop Leader: Ms. Sonia Iqbal has 16 years of experience of working with and developing skills in students at all levels of achievement in public and private sector schools. Along with teaching English and Science, she has also worked in the capacity of an assistant editor and as a freelance content writer for distinctive magazines and newspapers. Currently she is working as a member of the Training and Development team at TRC and has contributed in developing capacity of various teachers and stakeholders.

Who Should Attend: Early Years Teachers 

Medium of Instruction: English

Important Note: Participants will receive an E-Certificate

For registration:

Call at 021-35394059, 35392976 and WhatsApp at 0331-2255099 or write to us on [email protected] & [email protected]