On September 25th, 2009 – TRC’s Institute of Early Childhood Education buzzed with eagerness and inquisitiveness as our fourth cohort of students arrived for the ECE-CP (2009-2010) Orientation. Having already completed a busy first week of classes in Term 1, we thought we’d bring you up to speed on what we’ve been upto.
Orientation provided participants the opportunity to become familiarized with the specifics of ECE-CP, through an informal question and answer dialogue with the Academic Coordinator and faculty members. The discussion was interactive and students walked out feeling a lot more secure and comfortable with what lay ahead.

This year, we also conducted a short module on “Study Skills” for the benefit of our students. An overview of useful strategies in reading and writing was provided, to facilitate more meaningful engagement with the readings and assignments students will be completing over the coming year. A first time endeavour, the feedback was positive and we look forward to seeing how the “Study Skills” module enhances participants’ learning experiences throughout the course.

The first week of classes is always both exciting and challenging. Both feelings come from curiosity about the unknown and our students have displayed remarkable energy in keeping up with the potentially dizzying pace of this initial week! We wish them the absolute best for the weeks to come.

This year has brought together a diverse group of students, from both pre-service and in-service backgrounds. Of particular note has been the jump in enrollments from individuals seeking to complete the course before stepping into their first ‘formal’ classroom. This is especially encouraging because it represents a pivotal shift in people’s attitudes towards ECE and the need for professional development. A wonderful note to begin a new year of ECE-CP on