On October 06, 2008 – TRC’s Institute of Early Childhood Education buzzed with anticipation and curiosity as our third cohort of students arrived for the ECE-CP (2008-2009) Orientation. Our enrollment has jumped dramatically this year, following smaller groups of 7 full-time and then 9 full-time, 2 part-time students in the first two years.  While enrollments were intentionally limited in the formative years of the programme, this year, we felt confident that a much larger group could be accommodated. This year has brought together a diverse group of 18 students, from both pre-service and in-service as well as public and private school backgrounds.
Through an informal question and answer dialogue with the programme coordinator and faculty members, students were familiarized with programme specifics. The discussion was interactive and students walked out feeling a lot more secure and comfortable with what lies ahead.