A 12 member delegation from UNICEF Lahore and Ali Institute of Education visited TRC on April 2, 2009 to learn about TRC’s contribution, programmes and experience of working in Early Childhood Education (ECE). As part of UNICEF Punjab’s major 2009-10 plan, ECE is included as part of the Child Friendly School’s project (CFS). The special focus on ECE in CFS aims to demonstrate the significance of ECE focusing on kachi class children in 1800 government schools, and helping the Government of Punjab to own and sustain the process through the next long term five-year plan (2011-15). For this purpose, UNICEF organized an exposure visit for the CFS Project Team from the Ali Institute of Education to develop their understanding of ECE work done in Pakistan thus far. The delegation was briefed on the policy reforms for ECE that TRC has spearheaded since 1998. Moreover, information on various teacher development modules and learning materials developed for ECE improvement was shared with them.