Dear All,

Teachers’ Resource Centre has initiated a series of talks from January 2016 that focus on issues around educational pedagogy, understanding the IB system, successful interventions in school management, special needs and inclusive education.

These talks are delivered by speakers with an educational background, enriched by valuable experience in their relevant field. The talk sessions are followed by a question-answer session to enhance the value of the discussion for all the participants.

High quality health and physical education programmes help students achieve academic success. Through our next talk session, we aim to enhance awareness and understanding regarding effective integration of physical education into the school curriculum and policy rather than mere dedication of a couple of classes during the week for sports and games. The talk will also highlight how to design physical education programmes keeping in view children’s diverse developmental needs and interests.

The details of the talk session are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 23 April 2016

Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Venue: Teachers’ Resource Centre

Who should attend? Sports Instructors and School Policy Makers

Speaker’s Profile: Mr. Mohammad Azeem Sheikh is a certified Youth Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist with more than two years experience of working with children and adults. During his tenure as a Sports and Fitness Coordinator in Thailand, Azeem has closely worked with schools in planning curricula for physical education and implementing different sports activities. He has trained teachers to develop lesson plans for different levels in schools as well.

Charges: Rs. 1000

Last date for registration with payment: 13 April 2016