TRC celebrated its 21st anniversary on Monday 26th November 2007. The office was bubbling with excitement and positive energy. Lit diyas and plants greeted the guests as they walked in. Posters displaying TRC’s journey and landmark achievements adorned the office. Guests included founder members, people who have had a lengthy association with TRC and members from TRC’s Governing Body over the years.
The festivities began with TRC’s first GB reminiscing about the creation of TRC, followed by introductions of the current team and staff of TRC. Former members and the founding GB expressed excitement, pride and great interest in the work that TRC has done and all the new initiatives it has embarked upon. They went around the room exploring learning resources, publications, and other materials produced by TRC. Members of TRC, old and new mingled well and were filled with a sense of pride and joy.
Refreshments were served and TRC’s progress and growth was marked by a cake cutting ceremony; the cake was in the shape of the new logo. The event went well and TRC was infused with a renewed spirit and commitment to improving the quality of educational provision.
A three day edu-tainment event was being planned since November 2006, which would have “celebrated” ALL the wonderful people associated with TRC since 1986. When the political situation in the country became uncertain and Emergency was declared, a decision was made to scale down the celebration. So it turned out to be a low-key, but meaningful event.
To all of you who have been associated with us, members (both institutional and associate) staff, workshop leaders, children, teachers, parents, suppliers of school equipment/books, partner NGOs, education department officials, ministry officials, donors, consultants, evaluators and friends … a BIG thank you for being there and for contributing to TRC over these 21 years. Though you were not with us on the 26th of November 2006, you were certainly remembered.