Dear Friends,

We are in the final stages of a website revamp and can’t wait to share the results with all of you. You may recall that we used to have two websites – one for our history and services and another one for sharing new ideas and interacting with you. Managing both the sites, keeping them fresh and interesting had begun to get tedious and difficult to manage, so we finally decided to merge the two, bringing you the best of the TRC site as well as the Interact site.

We are aiming to roll out the revamped website in about eight days. Now, we have one favor to ask of you. Many of you have signed up to receive updates from TRC on our Interact website. We have now chosen a more robust mailing list solution and in order to receive news, updates and workshop information, you will need to sign up again. All we need is your e-mail address, and in keeping with our values of integrity, rest assured that your information will not be shared with any third-parties. We are asking you to sign up again for technical reasons that are terribly boring and we don’t want to torture you with the details 🙂 We promise that we will not put you through this again!

From April 09 – 11, 2012, both the TRC websites: and will be de-activated.

From April 12, 2012, all-things-TRC will be available at

Online is where the action is – so bookmark and start interacting!

We look forward to hearing from all of you.

The TRC Team
April 03, 2012