TRC Website Opinion Poll September 2017

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Please check out our new Opinion Poll on whether students should get homework during the holidays, and cast your vote by the end of September 2017. As you know …

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Our August 2017 poll was about politics and current events should be a part of a school’s curriculum:

Politics and current events should be a part of a school’s curriculum, because students should be aware of important political issues that shape society and impact their lives.

• I agree. Teaching children about political systems and current affairs is necessary for a strong democracy, which requires that people are interested and engaged in politics. (80%, 36 Votes)

• I disagree. Discussing politics can cause arguments and fighting between students. Also, schools should keep a neutral stance and that is difficult when politics is being discussed. (20%, 9 Votes)

A large majority of the respondents (80%) feel that teaching children about politics is necessary because it keeps people engaged in politics. They also feel that students should be aware of the political issues that impact their lives. Twenty-percent (20%) of the respondents feel that politics should be kept out of the classroom because it can cause disagreements between student. These respondents also feel that schools should adopt a neutral stance when it comes to politics.