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Our September 2013 poll was about Social Media and the Student-Teacher relationship:

Teachers and students should be able to connect using social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), as it is essential for communication in modern times.

• I agree. If the school lays down clear social media policies, it can become a valuable tool for developing a strong bond between teachers and students and positively affect the educational experience. (59%, 33 Votes)

• I disagree. Social media discloses far too much personal information and by its very nature facilitates inappropriate behaviour. No matter how many rules are laid, boundaries are bound to be crossed. (41%, 23 Votes)

There is a clear 60/40 split in the votes, with the majority believing that students and teachers should be able to connect with each other using social media. They believe that within clearly defined boundaries, this can enhance the educational experience. On the other hand, a substantial 41% of the voters do not think it is appropriate for teachers and students to connect using these modes of communication.