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Our October 2015 poll was about whether grades reflect a student’s intelligence:

Grades reflect a student’s intelligence; because they are the most reasonable way of differentiating between those who made the effort to study, understand and apply knowledge and those who didn’t.

• I agree. Grades reflect a student’s mastery of a subject. Grades may not reflect someone’s intelligence perfectly, but they are the closest marker of true assessment. (22%, 11 Votes)

• I disagree. Intelligence is too multifaceted to be determined by grades. Grades merely reflect a student’s level of interest in a topic, his test-taking skills and his memory. (78%, 39 votes)

The majority of those who responded to this poll (78%) think that grades do not reflect a student’s intelligence. These respondents believe that grades mainly reflect a student’s interest in a subject and his proficiency in taking tests. On the other hand, a minority (22%) of those who responded believe that grades are a reliable indicator of intelligence, because they come very close to measuring learning.