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Our April 2018 poll was about whether Sports Day should be Competitive:

Should a school’s Sports Day be non-competitive?

Yes. Sports Day should be fun. Children remember positive and negative feelings associated with sport, and ‘public failure’ can put them off doing sport. (86%, 42 Votes Votes)

No. Sports Day should be competitive because life is competitive, and children have to learn to lose as well as win. (14%, 7 Votes Votes)

The respondents voted overwhelmingly in support of making Sports Day non-competitive. Eighty-six percent (86%) of those who responded to the poll felt that children tend to remember the feelings associated with sport, and if they fail ‘publicly’ at Sports Day, it can put them off sport altogether. Only 14% of the respondents felt that Sports Day should be competitive, because it reflects life, where individuals have to get used to both winning and losing.