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Our April 2015 poll was about teaching ‘both sides’ of historical events:

It is important to teach ‘both sides’ of historical events, even when it shows your country in a negative light, in order to have thoughtful and productive discussions about complex issues.

• I agree. A balanced look at the country’s history may make many uncomfortable. However, discomfort and cognitive conflict is key to developing critical thinking skills in future generations. (96%, 45 Votes)

• I disagree. Discussing complex issues may bring accusations against teachers of promoting a political agenda, which they may not be able or ready to handle. (4%, 2 Votes)

The overwhelming majority of those who responded to this poll (96%) think that it is important to present and teach a balanced view of the country’s history. These respondents feel that this is important, even if one’s country is seen in a negative light and it causes discomfort and cognitive conflict amongst the students. On the other hand, only a very small minority of the respondents (4%) believe that teachers should not be discussing complex historical issues in the classroom, as neither the teacher nor the students may be equipped to handle them.