Dear Readers, Please check out our new Opinion Poll on whether students should be allowed to sit where they want in the classroom and cast your vote by the end of May 2014. As you know … your opinion counts Our April 2014 poll was about teachers and student’s performance: Teachers should not be held responsible for student’s performance because there are many things which affect a student’s performance over which the teacher has no control. • I agree. A teacher cannot control variables such as a student’s home environment, which plays a significant role in whether the child is encouraged and supported in doing well. (10%, 6 Votes) • I disagree. Teachers play a major role in how their students perform. Some teachers do not take their profession seriously, while others are caring and competent and their students do well. (90%, 56 Votes) The vast majority of the respondents of this poll (90%) feel that teachers should be held responsible for their students’ performance. They believe that the attitude of the teacher to her profession has a great bearing on her students’ results. They believe that a caring and competent teacher brings out the best in her students. On the other hand, only 10% of the respondents believe that teachers should not be held responsible for their students’ performances, because other variables such as the student’s home environment also play a major role in determining that.