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Our April 2013 poll was about Public Posting of Students’ Grades:

Students’ grades should not be posted publicly because it leads to situations which could be humiliating and awkward for those who haven’t done well.

• I agree. Grades do not reflect students’ capabilities. Public announcements of grades demoralise a child who is already feeling bad about not doing well and leads to teasing and other forms of bullying (89%, 73 Votes)

• I disagree. Public announcements of grades help students know where they stand in relation to others. Students will work harder to improve their grades if they know that results will be announced (11%, 9 Votes)

An overwhelming majority (89%) of the respondents believe that grades should not be announced publicly, because it is detrimental to the self esteem of students who have not done well. On the other hand, only 11% of the respondents feel that grades should be publicised, because they believe that the ensuing competition spurs students to compete and try harder next time.