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Our February 2016 poll was about whether small schools are better than large schools:

Small schools are better than large schools, because they are easier to manage and also offer a safer environment.

• I agree. Small schools are flexible and responsive. They provide one-on-one attention and there is also increased participation in extracurricular activities. (80%, 35 Votes)

• I disagree. Large schools are better because they have substantial financial advantages. They offer larger facilities and their students work harder, because of increased competition. (20%, 9 Votes)

A large majority of the respondents (80%) believe that small schools are better than large schools as they are not only more manageable, but are also more responsive to children’s needs.  They feel that such an environment allows more individual attention to students. On the other hand only 20% of the respondents voted in favour of large schools, where they feel that students work harder due to increased competition.