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Our February 2015 poll was about whether being constantly connected to technology enhances children’s creativity or reduces it:

Constantly being connected to some form of technology leads to information overload, which impedes a child’s ability to think and be creative.

• I agree. The convenience of technology has reduced our children’s ability to think independently and be creative. Children would be more creative if they were not always ‘connected’. (51%, 19 Votes)

• I disagree. Technology is a tool and to use it properly we need to apply both imagination and creativity. In the right hands technology enhances creativity. (49%, 18 Votes)

The result of this poll was split down the middle, with those who agree with the premise ‘winning’ only by a single vote. Half of the respondents believe that being connected to technology impedes children’s ability to think and be creative. They believe that children would be more creative if they weren’t always ‘connected’. The remaining respondents (49%) disagree with the premise and believe that if used properly technology actually enhances creativity.