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Our February 2014 poll was about Choosing subjects:

Elementary-level students should be able to choose their subjects, because they are best placed to decide the subjects they enjoy and those that they don’t.

• I agree. When you force children to study subjects they have no interest in, and limit the time they spend studying the subjects they do enjoy, you put them off school and formal education. (41%, 21 Votes)

• I disagree. If students that young are given the option to pick their subjects, they would only opt for the subjects they are good at and find easy, thereby not challenging themselves. (59%, 30 Votes)

The respondents who believe that elementary-level students should not be allowed to pick their subjects lead this opinion poll. Fifty-nine percent of the respondents believe that students should not be allowed to choose the subjects they will study, because they are most likely to avoid challenging themselves by picking subjects that they find easy. On the other hand, a substantial 41% of the respondents believe that children should be allowed to pick subjects at the elementary school-level, because forcing children to study subjects they do not enjoy puts them off formal education.