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Our May 2018 poll was about whether television is good or bad for children:

Is watching television bad for children?

Yes. Watching TV is a sedentary activity that eats into children’s leisure time in which they could be active. TV also encourages children to consume junk food leading to health problems. (16%,6 Votes)

No. There is lots of good programming on television that can be educational. Parents can monitor what their children are watching and so TV can also help families spend time together. (84%, 32 Votes)

Most of the respondents believe that watching TV can be good for children, especially since there is a lot of educational programming that they can learn from. Some 84% of the respondents felt that TV is beneficial for children because it also offers educational programming and allows parents to spend time with children, when they watch TV shows together. 16% of the respondents to the poll feel that TV discourages physical activity and encourages unhealthy eating habits.