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Our May 2013 poll was about The importance of Academic Performance:

The school environment is like a rehearsal for the real world, and a child’s academic performance is a reliable indicator of later success in life.

• I agree. Good academic performance opens the doors for the best students to enter the top universities. Following this path, eventually top students land the best jobs and are successful. (15%, 13 Votes)

• I disagree. Academic performance does not guarantee success in life. Various other factors, such as motivation, a flexible personality and good interpersonal skills play a big role in ensuring success. (85%, 71 Votes)

A whopping 85% of the respondents believe that success in life cannot be gauged from one’s academic performance. These respondents believe that success in the real world is based on factors such as motivation and interpersonal skills, which cannot be taught in a classroom.  Only 15% of the respondents felt that academic performance is the most reliable indicator of success, and believe that the best jobs are secured by those who do well academically.