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Our June 2017 poll was about increasing teachers’ salaries:

Increasing salaries is the best way to attract and retain good teachers, and eventually to raise the quality of education being imparted.

• I agree. A good salary will attract better-trained graduates to the profession, because the reality is that financial motivation is the strongest factor in adopting and staying in a career. (67%, 37 Votes)

• I disagree. Attracting and retaining teachers requires a wider approach that ensures career progress, their status in society and increases their professional responsibility along with salaries. (33%, 18 Votes)

A sizeable majority (67%) of those who responded to this poll felt that financial motivation was the most important factor for people who opted and stayed in any career. Therefore these respondents felt that high salaries were key to attracting better trained personnel to teaching. On the other hand, a significant minority (33%) of the respondents feel that attracting good teachers is not simply a matter of offering them high salaries and that it was also important to increase the status of teachers in society and to ensure career progress.