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We are sorry for the delay in posting our new opinion poll, which was held up due to problems with our website which made it difficult to cast votes and also due to the Eid break. Please check out our new Opinion Poll on whether university education should be free, and cast your vote by the end of July 2016. As you know …

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Our April 2016 poll was about communication between parents and teachers:

Parents and teachers should be frequently in touch so that parents have a clearer picture of what is happening in school. This will enable them to better support their children.

• I agree. When children know that parents are in touch with teachers, their performance improves and they tend to be more truthful about school. (76%, 38 Votes)

• I disagree. Frequent communication can make children so accustomed to their lives being steered by their parents and teachers, that they can fall apart when left on their own. (24%, 12 Votes)

The result shows that the overwhelming majority of respondents (76%) believe that when parents and teachers are in touch, children’s performance in school improves. They believe that children are compelled to be more responsible and truthful about school when their parents and teachers communicate. On the other hand only 24% of the respondents believe that frequent communication between parents and teachers is not necessary, because they believe it makes children too accustomed to monitoring and as a result they fall apart if left on their own.