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Our June 2015 poll was about whether parents are solely responsible for who their children become:

There are only bad parents, no bad children. Children learn by example and parents are their most influential role models. So they are solely responsible for who their children become.

• I agree. Parents are the most influential role models. Children spend the most amount of time with them and they are responsible for shaping children’s values, attitudes and behavior. (37%, 21 Votes)

• I disagree. Parents don’t have absolute control over who their children become. There are several other variables such as, temperament and environmental influences that also shape a child. (63%, 36 Votes)

The majority (63%) of the respondents feel that parents are not solely responsible for who their children become, because many other variables, such as environmental and temperamental, shape a child’s personality. On the contrary, a sizable minority (37%) of the respondents feel parents are the only ones responsible for who their children become. They feel that since children spend most of their time with their parents (who are their primary and most influential role models) they take most of their cues from them.