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Our June 2014 poll was about whether community service should be mandatory in schools:

Schools should make volunteering for community service mandatory, because students should realise that everyone must give back to the community.

• I agree. Just as students are exposed to different subjects that enrich their lives, they also need to be exposed to the joy of helping others. (89%, 47 Votes)

• I disagree. Schools should focus on academics and let volunteering be a personal decision. In any case community service by its very nature is voluntary. (11%, 6 Votes)

The majority of those who responded to this poll (89%) feel that community service should be mandatory in schools. These respondents believe that by making community service compulsory, a school will be exposing children to the idea of giving back to the community, in the same way as it acquaints its students with different subjects. In contrast, only 11% of the respondents felt that performing philanthropic acts should be a personal choice and that schools should not play a role in it.