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Our December 2013 poll was about Increasing Teachers’ Salaries:

Increasing salaries is the best way to attract and retain good teachers, and eventually to raise the quality of education being imparted.

• I agree. A good salary will attract better-trained graduates to the profession, because the reality is that financial motivation is the strongest factor in adopting and staying in a career  (41%, 14 Votes)

• I disagree. Attracting and retaining teachers requires a wider approach that ensures career progress, their status in society and increases their professional responsibility along with salaries. (59%, 20 Votes)

The result:
The respondents who believe that teachers need more than higher pay to attract and keep them in their careers lead this opinion poll. Fifty-nine percent of the respondents believed that attracting and keeping teachers requires a more holistic approach that includes ensuring their status in society and their career progress. On the other hand, a significant 41% of the respondents believe that financial motivation is the greatest factor in attracting and keeping teachers in their careers.