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Our December 2012 poll was about Cheating:

Children cheat during exams because honesty and hard work is just not valued anymore and hardly anyone cares about personal integrity.

• I disagree. Children cheat because of unrealistic demands from parents, teachers and institutions and the tough competition they have to face. (97%, 35 Votes)

• I agree. Cheating is the easy way out. There is no point in studying hard when you can take a shortcut. (3%, 1 Vote)

The respondents of the poll voted overwhelmingly (97%) in favour of the reason that children cheat because of immense academic pressure from parents, teachers and institutions to get good grades. While only 3% (one respondent) feels that children cheat to take shortcuts, because hard work does not pay. This is an interesting result, because it shows that despite rampant cheating in schools and society in general, the respondents believe that essentially no shortcut can beat what one learns through hard work and honesty.

For more on the cheating debate, check out Ilm o Amal’s January 2013 issue, The Menace of Cheating at