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Our December 2016 poll was about whether junk food should be allowed to serve in the school canteen:

Schools canteens should not serve junk food. It is ironic that schools teach junk food is bad, but continue to serve it in canteens.

• I agree. Children are usually not fully aware of how harmful junk food is. Most children do not think of health and will buy junk food from the canteen when hungry. (72%, 42 Votes)

• I disagree. Children should be allowed to eat whatever they enjoy. If the school canteen does not serve junk food, children will bring it from home. (28%, 16 Votes)

The overwhelming majority of respondents (72%) believe schools should not serve junk food as most children are not likely to think of health and will eat the junk food that is available in the canteen when hungry. A little over a quarter of the respondents (28%) believe children will eat junk regardless of whether it is served at the school canteen or not.