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Our January 2016 poll was about whether television can be used to develop children’s minds:

Television is a window to the world and is a useful tool which can be used to develop children’s minds.

• I agree. Television helps children gain knowledge of current affairs and the world around them. It also helps children build language skills. (60%, 28 Votes)

• I disagree. Children usually don’t watch educational programmes on TV. Instead they prefer junk TV which reduces attention spans and exposes children to inappropriate messages. (40%, 19 Votes)

The result for this poll was a clear 40/60 split with the majority of the respondents agreeing that television is a useful tool for education and knowledge, provided it is used for that purpose.
Significantly a substantial minority (40%) believes that TV is rarely if ever watched for educational purposes, hence its value as an educational tool remains questionable. Do you agree with this result?