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Our January 2014 poll was about School Uniforms:

School uniforms should be mandatory, because they prevent needless pressure over appearances and encourage children to evaluate people by who they are on the inside

• I agree. School uniforms also prevent students from dressing inappropriately, help parents save money and avert issues such as bullying due to the way an individual is dressed. (90%, 57 Votes)

• I disagree. Clothes are a form of self-expression and by dressing everyone in the same uniform schools are taking away from a student’s individuality and encouraging a kind of conformism. (10%, 6 Votes)

The respondents, who believe school uniforms should be mandatory, swept this opinion poll by a huge margin. A whopping 90% of the respondents believe that students should wear school uniforms to schools. They believe that wearing uniforms prevents inappropriate dressing and helps parents save money. A small minority (10%) believe uniforms encourage conformism and are therefore detrimental to a student’s individuality.