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Our November 2017 poll was about whether young children should be taught in their mother tongue:

Should young children be taught in their mother tongue?

Yes. This can help preserve local languages and enables children to easily grasp concepts in the vocabulary they are used to. (86%, 37 Votes)

No. A student taught in the mother tongue will probably have a difficult time in high school or college when required to learn engineering or medical concepts in English. (14%, 6 Votes)

The majority (86%) of the respondents feel that young children should be taught in their mother tongue. They feel that when the mother tongue is the main teaching medium, young children are better able to understand the concepts that they are being taught. The respondents also felt that teaching in the mother tongue was important to preserve local languages. Only 14% of the respondents felt that students should not be taught in their mother tongue, because it will affect their ability to learn concepts (which are usually taught in English) at the higher education level.