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Our November 2016 poll was about whether children should be allowed to choose where to sit in the classroom::

Students should have say in where they want to sit in the classroom, as this helps them develop a sense of responsibility and trains them to take decisions.

• I agree. Children should take decisions by themselves. When we allow children to decide where to sit, it improves their decision-making skills and helps develop confidence. (87%, 41 Votes)

• I disagree. If children decide where to sit, they will end up sitting next to friends, start chatting and get distracted. Students cannot take such decisions. (13%, 6 Votes)

The overwhelming majority of respondents (87%) felt that letting children take decisions such as where to sit in the classroom, improves decision-making skills and helps build their confidence. The remaining 13% of respondents believe that students should not be taking decisions, such as where to sit in the classroom, because doing so will mean that they sit next to friends and get distracted during class.