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Our July 2013 poll was about Bag Searches in Schools:

Schools should be allowed to conduct bag searches, because despite setting rules and issuing warnings some students continue to bring prohibited items to school.

• I agree. Students around the world bring drugs and weapons to school, and wreak havoc on their institution’s security. Some students also steal and bag searches are an effective deterrent to that. (43%, 29 Votes)

• I disagree. Students studying at an institution are there to learn and should be trusted. Checking bags is an invasion of privacy and is detrimental to building trust between teachers and students. (57%, 39 Votes)

The result of the poll was quite close, and respondents are divided over the issue of bag searches. Those who believe that schools should not conduct bag searches and that students should be trusted, lead the result with 57% of the votes. On the other hand, a sizable 43% minority feels that schools have the right to search students’ bags to deter them from bringing prohibited items and to ensure the security of the institution.