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Our March 2015 poll was about whether older students should be given the opportunity to evaluate their teachers:

Older students should be entitled to evaluate their teachers. They spend the most time with them and are directly impacted by their skills and abilities.

• I agree. A student’s evaluation would add a critical perspective to a teacher’s evaluation and help with improvement in teaching methods and communication with students. (78%, 36 Votes)

• I disagree. Students should not evaluate teachers. They’re likely to be biased towards teachers who give good grades and may not have the foresight to recognise an effective teacher. (22%, 10 Votes)

The majority of those who responded to this poll (78%) agree that older students should be able to evaluate their teachers. These respondents felt that since students spend so much of their time with their teachers, their evaluation will not only help the teacher improve her teaching methods, but will also enhance her communication with students.

On the other hand, only 22% of the respondents believe that students should not evaluate teachers as they lack the foresight to recognise an effective teacher and are more likely to biased towards teachers who hand out good grades easily.