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Our previous poll was about Homework:

Homework should be banned in primary schools because it is a waste of children’s time.

• I agree. Homework overburdens children and adds unnecessary pressure to their lives.

• I disagree. Homework promotes good study habits and must be given.

The respondents of the poll were almost equally divided over the issue of homework in the primary years, with supporters winning by a small margin of 4%. So a little over half of the respondents (52%) feel that homework is necessary during the primary years, probably because they assume that it is necessary for establishing good study habits, adds rigor to the learning process and provides a link between school and home. The rest of our respondents (48%) would like to see an end to homework in the primary years, probably feeling that there is no real link between homework and genuine learning.

For more on the homework debate, check out Ilm o Amal’s  January 2005 issue at