We think it is high time we did something more to reduce our carbon footprint. To find out more, read the message we sent to our members on Monday, August 03 2009:

Dear Colleague,

Today, everyone knows that our environment is under serious threat. Books have been written, !lms have been produced, songs have been sung, and environmentalists have sounded warnings. Yet, we just don’t seem to be doing enough to heal our planet.

As individuals, we have a responsibility and can make an impact by reducing our carbon footprint.

At TRC, we have decided to stop printing our annual report, Ilm o Amal, and workshop circulars. All the information you need is now available on TRC’s Interact Website. To keep your !nger on the pulse, all you need to do is:

1. Visit http://trconline.org
Enter your e-mail address in the”Keep Updated” section

That’ it, you’re done! Each time we add something new to the site, you will receive an alert in your e-mail inbox.

Our website also offers a platform for debate, discussion, and interaction and we look forward to engaging with you. We also hope that you will be inspired by our decision to live green and initiate similar projects at home and at your schools.


Mahenaz Mahmud
Director Programme Development – TRC