ECE Certificate Programme (ECE-CP) in Urdu

July 1, 2010 TRC finalized the schedule for the ECE-CP Urdu programme. With classes beginning on December 15, 2010, our Training and Development Team members are currently translating the course and reading material.

TRC-IECE 4th Annual Graduation

August 5, 2010 TRC bid farewell to its 4th batch of ECE students. Beaming graduates with their proud family members gathered at The Second Floor/Peace Niche where an intimate evening celebrating their journey and successes was held. The evening was led by TRC Director, Seema Malik. Our Director Programme Development Mahenaz Mahmud took us through a heart warming collection of digital images showcasing the immersive and intense albeit fun year they had with us.

The impact of the programme on the lives of these 14 graduates was felt by all and we look forward to them carrying the TRC pedagogy forward. The ceremony’s end saw Chief Guest, Director, Notre Dame Institute of Education, Sr. Margaret Madden, awarding the certificates to eager graduates.

TRC-IECE Welcomes its 5th Cohort of Students
July and August 2010, TRC hallways buzzed with eager applicants as they filled out registration forms and went through the interview procedure for our ECE Certificate Programme. After a rigorous process, the final selection was made. TRC is excited to welcome its 5th batch of 20 students as they get ready to embark on an exciting and rewarding journey.

September 24 2010: the 20 students attended an Orientation Programme in the afternoon. They met their peers and the faculty, received their ECE-CP packs containing our student handbook, academic guidelines, academic calendar of classes for 2010-2011 and library cards. They were given a tour of TRC; they met with all relevant staff members; had refreshments and the opportunity to ask all the questions about courses, evaluations and assignments that had been plaguing their minds so far. By 5:00 p.m. they left smiling and more at ease with what lay ahead in the coming weeks.

September 27, 28 and 30 2010: students attended the first three classes of the courses being offered in Term 1: Promoting Pro-social Behaviour, Learning Environment and Child Development.