The TRC Film Club session on Saturday, November 4, was held at the PECHS Girls’ High School. The school had specifically requested a showing of Cheaters, the film that had launched these activities. Around 40 teachers were present.

The direct relevance of the film’s subject matter – something that all teachers have encountered (and some confess to having engaged in) – and the presence of a group of teachers who were familiar with each other made the post-viewing session highly interactive. Among the issues that came up during diiscussions were the question of examinations and grading, alternative forms of assessment, competition and its place in schools & society, and the role of the parents in molding the character of the child.

It is certain that many of the issues will continue to be discussed for days in the common room and beyond.

Please contact us for details if you wish to have a special showing at your school.

Hope to see many of you on November 25th, for 12 Angry Men.