The Chairperson of The Education Committee (Primary) C.D.G.K, Ms. Shameem Akhtar, has been an enthusiastic supporter of TRC’s ECE programme.

To widen understanding she arranged a session of  “An overview of ECE” for ADO’s and DOE in her office. ECE resource material prepared by TRC was placed on display during the sessions.

Participants acknowledged the efforts and importance made in the field of early childhood education and were keen to promote it in their schools and towns.

As a result of this session, conducted by the TRC, further requests were made for conducting the ECE-NC 50 hour trainings in their towns. The committee chairperson requested TRC for further training of at least 200 ECE teachers in implementing the Early Childhood Education National Curriculum (ECE-NC).

TRC is currently organizing funds to carry out this training by August 2007.