Dear All,

Research has proven that stress leads to psychological factors such as negative emotions, which impact our health. Individuals are vulnerable to stress and they all respond to it in different ways. Some are more vulnerable than others and susceptible to changes in health-related behaviors. During this two-hour interactive session, you will be involved in discussions research findings, which will help you understand the importance of managing stress.

The main objectives of the interactive talk session are to:
• understand cognitive restructuring to reduce the negativity of one’s interpretation of experience
• identify behavioral tips and assertive skills to deal with pressures of environment

The details of the talk session are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 28 March 2017

Timings: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Venue: Teachers’ Resource Centre

Who should attend? All Teachers, School Heads and anyone who is interested

Speaker’s Profile: Ms. Tania Waqas is a clinical psychologist and a counselor. She is currently teaching Psychology to speech therapists and is conducting a diploma course in Developmental Psychology and Psycho Pathology at Ziauddin College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. She also works at Centre of Inclusive Care and does family counseling. She delivers motivational speeches at various educational and vocational institutes to enable people to deal with their emotions and stressors more effectively.

Charges: Rs. 2000

Last date for registration with payment: 15 March 2017